DNProtect.NET privacy service is not intended to be used to protect your identity if you:

  • transmit spam or viruses
  • violate law or infringe on 3rd party's copyright
  • engage in morally objectionate activities

Privacy Service

DNProtect.NET provides domain privacy service for our clients. Not all domains can be protected via a privacy service. For instance, we can't offer private registration service for .US domain names. The only .US domains that may have our company information listed will be domains that we actually own. Domains that we own will not have any words such as "privacy" listed on them, and will be marked with the following contact info:


All complaints about domain names should be forwarded to the contact below. Please indicate a domain name in the Subject of the message:

DNProtect.NET Spam Policy

DNProtect.NET does not tolerate the transmission of spam. Customers suspected to be using our service for the purpose of sending spam are investigated, DNProtect.NET service could be removed and the registrant's contact information exposed.

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